AAU Junior Olympic Games

BB&T Stadium -- Greensboro, NC | July 27 - August 3, 2019

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Dec Boys 100 Meter Dash 15-16 years old (Finals)
Saturday 8:00 AMTotal Races: 6

 NR NationalSteve Henson - McPherson68441984

Start list: Dec Boys 100 Meter Dash 15-16 years old (Finals)

12Jacob LEBOWITZ Ponte Vedra Pride
13Sai Nishchal DONTI Jackrabbit Track & Running Clu
14Noah REUTER-GUSHOW Midland Track Club
15Paul BRYANT Unattached
16Tyler MORRIS Virginia Elite Sports League
17Jackson COMBS Jefferson County Jets Track Cl

21Kegan MAYNOR KC Fire Track Club
22Darius LORFILS Firebirds Track Club
23Tommy CHRISTIE Aoc Track and Field
24Casey POTREBIC Unattached
25Cameron ANTOINE Pearland Track Xpress
26Zachary MOHR E.R.I Stars
27Brendan HOLLAND Hill Country Comets Track Club

31Cameron REJONIS Smithsburg Youth Athletics
32Ethan SMITH KC Fire Track Club
33Daniel MUNRO Unattached
34Jessie STRICKLAND Wildwood Prep Track Club
35Michael RYMAN Unattached
36Lawson KILPATRICK Unattached
37Justin ALBRIGHT Team Illinois Usa
38Devin WILLIS Unattached

41Benjamin BLOMQVIST Hill Country Comets Track Club
42Richard GUTKNECHT South Charlotte Chargers
43Nathan COOMBE Arkansas Sonic Boom Track Club
44Aiden RAYNE Clarksville All-Stars
45Logan HAVERKAMP Unattached
46Ezekiel MILLER Eda Flyers Youth Track Team
47Henry POPE Great Lakes Track & Field
48Coltin RICHARDSON Natalia summer Track

51James MORGAN Cj Freedom
52Nikolas VENTURA Unattached
53Abraham HOSKINS D & A Trakk Elite
54Connor MUNSON RoadRunners Elite T/F
55Cameron GRAY Baltimore City Track & Field C
56Braden BROWN Iron City Speed
57Maurice WYCHE East Atlanta Track Club
58Leonard ARRINGTON JR Spartan Chosen

61James PATRICK Kindersport
62Javin RICHARDS Perry
63Dekel REGEV Throwers Respect Field and Tra
64Xavier HALEY Eda Flyers Youth Track Team
65Canyon HALL Texas Express Track Club
66Jack VECELLIO Unattached
67Bryce KAZMAIER Jefferson County Jets Track Cl
68David CAIVANO Celerity Performance

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