AAU Junior Olympic Games

BB&T Stadium -- Greensboro, NC | July 27 - August 3, 2019

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Boys 4x800 Meter Relay 14 years old (Finals)
Friday 8:00 AMTotal Races: 2

 NR NationalMiami Gardens Xpress TC - Miami Garden8:13.908/3/2012

Start list: Boys 4x800 Meter Relay 14 years old (Finals)

11Delco Stallions TCDEST A
12Greater Houston Track ClubGHTC A
13Leesville Track ClubLETC A
14Washington TownshipWATO A
15Fpr SpeedFPSP A
16Minnesota SpeedMISP A
17Tri-State Elite Track ClubTEAG B
18Blues Track Club of Greater StBTCG A
19Fort Washington KnightsFOWK B
110High Point Blaze Track/ClubPBTC A
111Blazers Track Club- MichiganBTCM A
112Metro Eagles Track and Field CMETA A
113Eagles Wings Track & Field CluEWTF A
114Speed UnlimitedSPUN A
115Motor City Track ClubMCAA A

21San Antonio Swift Track ClubSAAS A
22Buda BoltsBUBO A
23Tri-State Elite Track ClubTEAG A
24Miami Gardens Xpress Track & FMGXT A
25Jacobs Sports AcademyJASA A
26Team BlazeTEBL A
27Metropolitan Track ClubMETC A
28Camden Pal Track ClubCPAA A
29Xtreme Force Track ClubXFTC A
210Sonics Youth Track ClubSYAA A
211Pearland Track XpressPETX A
212Virginia Elite Sports LeagueVESL A
213Miami Gardens Xpress Track & FMGXT B
214Atascocita Titans Track ClubATTT A
215Zion hill roadrunnersZIHR A
216Fort Washington KnightsFOWK A

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