AAU Junior Olympic Games

BB&T Stadium -- Greensboro, NC | July 27 - August 3, 2019

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Boys Shot Put 6 lbs 12 years old (Finals)
Wednesday 3:00 PMTotal Flights:

 NR NationalDylan Carter - Maryville11:18.258/2/2014

Start list: Boys Shot Put 6 lbs 12 years old (Finals)

11Julio DOEING Five Star General Athletics
12Diego CORRALES Unattached
13Jeremy KELLY Westside Track Club
14Stafford FREGUSON Unity Express Track And Field
15Edward WILLIAMS Track Club Of Fort Lauderdale
16Logan WACHENDORF Gastonia Eagles Track & Field
17Syrano FRANCIS Golden Eagle Track Club
18Jordan GRAYSON MACH 5 Athletics
19Cason AGNEW Rutherford County Track And Fi
110Stephen MACIK Legacy Track And Field
111Holden CROCHERON Marlboro Boys & Girls Club Tra
112Brandon ROBINSON Middle Tennessee Track Club
113Kevian FELICIANO River City Finish
114Ja'Marcus NIEVES Dynasty Track Club
115Syeer STARLING Capitol Area Forerunners
116Jay PADGET Speed Unlimited
117Gracien HALL Manor Hawks Track Club
118Josiah GREEN Randolph Roadrunners Track And
119Dallas DOWNEY Track Minnesota Elite
120Dontay DAVIS Virginia Raptors Track Club
121Evan FLOWERS Unattached

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