AAU Junior Olympic Games

BB&T Stadium -- Greensboro, NC | July 27 - August 3, 2019

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Boys High Jump 15-16 years old (Finals)
Friday 9:00 AMTotal Flights:

 NR NationalRandall Cunningham - Las Vegas86.008/2/2012

Start list: Boys High Jump 15-16 years old (Finals)

11Anaias HUGHES Willingboro Track Club
12Diante WHITE The Wings Track Club
13Jose OCHOA High Velocity Youth Track
14Myles DERRICK Michigan Mustangs Track Club
15Tyler MUELLER Ozaukee Storm Track and Field
16Jayden LOUIS-CHARLES Ruff Kutz Track Club
17Givan ONUAGULUCHI-MAY Unattached
18Jacob GIZA Unattached
19John ALLEN Xtreme Speed
110Cameron ANTOINE Pearland Track Xpress
111Jessie CAUBLE West Omaha Track Club
112David GILBERT Vision Elite
113Simian BANKS Soswift Athletics
114Dallas CANTRELL Titans Track Club
115Justin SANDERS Morris Estate Track Club
116Benjamin BLOMQVIST Hill Country Comets Track Club
117Kabran SINEGAL Fast & Furious Track Club
118Jayden GONZALES South Texas Heat
119Jashawn STERLING Cleats of Fire
120Tyler MORRIS Virginia Elite Sports League
121Jeffrey ZHANG Westside Baptist Church
122Sai Nishchal DONTI Jackrabbit Track & Running Clu
123Exavion WESTBROOK Empire Athletics

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