AAU Junior Olympic Games

BB&T Stadium -- Greensboro, NC | July 27 - August 3, 2019

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Girls Long Jump 13 years old (Finals)
Thursday 8:00 AMTotal Flights:

 NR NationalJahnelle Saunders - Hampton3:45.008/4/2016
 NR NationalTia Taylor - Philadelphia3:45.008/4/2016

Start list: Girls Long Jump 13 years old (Finals)

11Nyla DAVIS West Pembroke Pines optimist
12Jaiden ESPINOZA PlyometricFusion-TC
13Kyleigh SHELTON West Pembroke Pines optimist
14Marissa WILLIAMS Unattached
15Lexi LAY Jefferson County Jets Track Cl
16Jada WILSON Sudden Impact Tack Club
17Michaela EASON Pure Acceleration Track Club
18Alise PAUKSENA Pure Acceleration Track Club
19Layla SMITH Toledo Elite Track Club
110Kate LYONS Michigan Mustangs Track Club
111Tianna ELAM Lights Out Track and Field
112Miashlie JEAN Overtake Athletic Union
113Avia LANE Trial By Fire youth track and
114Gabrielle FOX Swoop Time
115Xarya UDOUMANA Unattached
116Tamiya NUNEZ Soswift Athletics
117Nehmiah IVES Charger Elite
118Olivia WALKER Unattached
119Ayannuah WILLIAMS-MONROE New Haven Age Group Track Club
120Johanna ALICEA Next Level Athletics
121R'Yan MOORE Feliciana Speed
122Olivia GAINES Charger Elite

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