AAU Junior Olympic Games

BB&T Stadium -- Greensboro, NC | July 27 - August 3, 2019

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Boys Long Jump 11 years old (Finals)
Friday 8:00 AMTotal Flights:

 NR NationalDerrick McPhearson - Columbia3:37.001997

Start list: Boys Long Jump 11 years old (Finals)

11Ethan RITER Boca Warriors Track Club
12Derrick SALTER Big Lake Track
13John PERALES Unattached
14Brandon HAYES Tallahassee Zoom Track Club
15Justin LINCOLN Middletown Youth Track Club
16Jesiah HOUSER Bond Hill Flyers Track Club
17Terrence TROTTER Jacksonville Pal
18Mi'Keise BATTLE Charger Elite
19Darrell TURNER JR Columbus Panthers
110Trevion HOLMES 757 Colts Track & Field
111Caleb HARRINGTON East St. Louis Community Athle
112Dominik HANSEN Tone UP Elite Track Club
113Wasi WALKER Camden Pal Track Club
114Elijah POINTER Blessed To Run
115Cayden CLARK Olympia Track Club
116Benjamin PALLEKONDA Soca Speed Track Club
117Jeremiah ROBERTSON Legacy Track And Field
118Wesley WINN Unattached
119Eddie GRAY Unattached
120Heston ANDERSON Real Track & Field
121Ryker ATKINSON Charlotte Heat Track Club
122Christian CLARK Unattached
123Jordan PIERCE Delaware Elite Track Club

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