AAU Junior Olympic Games

BB&T Stadium -- Greensboro, NC | July 27 - August 3, 2019

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Women 800 Meter Run 17-18 years old
Total Ht/Fl: 1

 NR NationalGabrielle Wilkinson - Philadelphia2:07.048/3/2016

Start list: Women 800 Meter Run 17-18 years old

11Breanna CLARK Texas Cyclones Track Club
12Wonders OGUEJIOFOR The Wings Track Club
13Sydney JACKSON Track Minnesota Elite
14Jermaisha ARNOLD Beach Striders
15Clare PITCHER Milwaukee Mustangs Track Club
16Jayla JONES Motor City Track Club
17Tatyana GIBSON Milts 4 Life Track Club
18Grace ZAMROWSKI Whirlwinds Track Club
19Gabrielle HORTON Unattached
110Cyna MADIGAN Unattached
111Emerald JACOBS Jacobs Sports Academy
112Kiara CARTER Trial By Fire youth track and

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