AAU Junior Olympic Games

BB&T Stadium -- Greensboro, NC | July 27 - August 3, 2019

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Boys 400 Meter Dash 9 years old (Prelims)
Tuesday 2:15 PMTotal Races: 15

 NR NationalJonathan Simms - Plano59.258/2/2016

Start list: Boys 400 Meter Dash 9 years old (Prelims)

12Nathaniel PREKO Grand Prairie Flash
13Zachary PRATT Southern Sprinters Elite Track
14Esthervell COTTON-JR The Cotton Club Posse
15Antrell JOHNSONMPhase 1 Track Club Inc.
16Ethan MASON Wgt Tigers
17Colton LAWLESS Dale City Lightning Track Club

22Owen BANNISTER Knoxville Youth Athletics
23Field WALKER GT Speed
24Cortez ADAMS JR Charles County Elite Track & F
25Joe WHITE G-Town Striders
26Aiden JOHNSON Omega Track Club
27Vincent JACKSON Running Fire Track Club

32Kellen RENDLEMAN Charlotte Heat Track Club
33Kaden TOOKHAN Baltimore White Knight Track C
34Kristopher HARRISON technique Track Club
35Athian EARLY IISt Pete Nitro Track Club
36Jeremiah MARTIN Perseverance Track Club
37Alijah CLARK Topeka Blazers Track Club

42Javez ELLIS Track Life University - Det. P
43Corey ADAMOLEKUN Baltimore City Track & Field C
44Yanquoi KOBOI Columbus Panthers
45Jonathan GREENE Austin Steelers Track Club
46Braynard BROWN Garden State Track Club
47Juelz MITCHELL U. City Xplosion Track & Field
48Kevin DAVIS Indiana Storm Track Club

52Jalan ADAMS Lawton Lightening
53Langston PRIDGEON Unattached
54Zyen CHARLTON Unattached
55Kai ROBINSON Blues Track Club of Greater St
56Terence CONNOR st john legends track club
57Daxton GILL Top Flight
58Jeremiah HUNTSPON Blues Track Club of Greater St

62Colin COUSER Phila. Express Track Club
63Titan HARDIMON Capitol City Comets TC
64Frank LEE Central Iowa Excaliburs Track
65Kaicen COOPER Dragons Youth Track and Field
66Bj JONES Aln Sports Organization Inc
67Damauri PEEPLES Topeka Blazers Track Club
68Michael PEOPLES Realsouth Track Club

72Divine OWOYELE Speed Legion
73Cameron CLARK Catonsville Cougars
74Dailon DENKINS H-Town Track Club
75Marcus LOVE Charlotte Heat Track Club
76Cameron BIDDINGS Aln Sports Organization Inc
77Kayden PATTERSON Capital City Striders
78Moyses GARAY Milwaukee Mustangs Track Club

82Zion MILLS Track Life University - Det. P
83Kendall HARRIS Mettro City Track Club
84Bryson ROY Dragons Youth Track and Field
85Jaxson PATTERSON Jackrabbit Track & Running Clu
86Thomas BELL Striders Youth
87Princeton CLACK All About Speed Track Club
88Javen LITTLE High Point Blaze Track/Club

92Justin COOK New Haven Age Group Track Club
93Doyle MORRISON Hope Hill Elite
94Alijah WARD Elite Speed Youth Track Club
95Quentin SMITH 26 Training Academy
96Jaidan COOPWOOD Blues Track Club of Greater St
97Hasin BANKS Momentum Prep Youth Tack & Fie
98Chase JOHNSON Charlotte Panthers

102Christian RICKFORD V- Tesse Track Club
103Kee EDWARDS Middletown Youth Track Club
104Jasen JOHNSON- LOCKHART Charlotte Panthers
105Travis MEADOWS House of Speed
106Hazen ZIEGLER Denver Lightning Track Club
107Caden CLEGGETT Epic Elite Sports
108Tommy PERRY Circle City Stars

112Jerrik SCALES Duncanville Tigers Youth Organ
113Jaylen BRUNDIDGE Unity Express Track And Field
114De'Angelo FORD JR. Epitome
115Jonathan JAMISON Legacy Track And Field
116Mervin SPENCER Eagles Wings Track & Field Clu
117Isaiah DALLAM Virginia Elite Sports League
118Jesai RAMSEY Havelock Heat Track Club

122Jason TURNER Track Life University - Det. P
123Brandyn FLOYD Persistent Movement
124D'Mani BENT Elite Speed Youth Track Club
125Jonathan NEWTON Stallions Youth Track Club
126Michael SESSON JR R.C. Striders Track Club
127Cooper BRIGGS Johnston Running Club
128Jasonye IWUORIE Unattached

132Maaz KHAN Michigan Mustangs Track Club
133Myles MCCLAIN Team Quest
134Lavarious MCGUIRE Miami Gardens Xpress Track & F
135Chance BROWN Pearland Track Xpress
136Elijah EDWARDS Capitol City Comets TC
137Curtis BERRY IV Flying Jaguars TC
138Zaven JOHNSON Legacy Track Club

142Amori PRATT Mt. Airy Track Club
143Dominic WILLIAMSON Lightning Spikes Track Club
144Kylan SHIVERS Arkansas Sonic Boom Track Club
145Xavion CHAMBERS S. A. Heat Track Club
146Alexander WORSHAM Eight o Four Relays
147Denzel PARKER Southeast Louisiana Roadrunner
148Corien BULLARD Arkansas Sonic Boom Track Club

152Braylon HARNESS Legacy Track Club
153Christian O'NEAL Wildcat Youth Sports
154Camron CHANDLER Golden Elite
155Jaiden DUNHAM BeastMode
156Ace STEWARD Team 4mula Sports
157Keyon ALI Camden Pal Track Club
158Kaleb WORD Scorpions

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