AAU Junior Olympic Games

BB&T Stadium -- Greensboro, NC | July 27 - August 3, 2019

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Boys 200 Meter Dash 13 years old (Prelims)
Monday 3:15 PMTotal Races: 13

 NR NationalAmir Rasul - Miami22.398/6/2011

Start list: Boys 200 Meter Dash 13 years old (Prelims)

11Shaun MCCOULLUM Unattached
12Richard GROOMS Elites Skills Development Acad
13Judah OQUENDO Charlotte Panthers
14Corbin WHITNEY Central Coast Cheetahs
15Xaiden ALLEN Dale City Lightning Track Club
16Eric NELSON Greater Houston Track Club
17Andrew BROWN D & A Trakk Elite
18Aaron YOUNG JR Unattached

21Amorey MONROE East St. Louis Greyhounds TC
22Cazh'Mere GREEN Team United Stars
23Dylan SMITH The Wings Track Club
24Jayden PEPPER Greenville Jets
25Shannon ROBBINS Fpr Speed
26Gavin CAREY Texas Cyclones Track Club
27Jalen TODD Motor City Track Club
28Ladontae CARTER-BAILEY Manor Hawks Track Club

31Keith CHERRY II technique Track Club
32Julian MCFADDEN Conshohocken Electric Force Tr
33Tandon CHAMPION No Speed Limit
34Taariq MILES Hope Hill Elite
35Arlen EPPS Jackrabbit Track & Running Clu
36William JACKSON Str8 Smokin Track Club
37Johnathan HALL Down South Xtreme Sports and F
38Dylan WITCHER Christian Competition Track Cl

41Nigel ISAAC St Luke's Spirit
42Gavin VIA St. Louis Express Track Club
43Na'Seir SAMUEL Unattached
44Jarrod HOWARD The Wings Track Club
45Caleb PAYTON Greater Houston Track Club
46Johnathan HARRIS III Alabama Heat Track Club
47Kyaire LAWSON Ruff Kutz Track Club
48Kevin WEST The Village of Louisville

51Asher HUTTON Xtreme Force Track Club
52Daniel LEE herbert hoover
53Cameron WALKER HP Heat TC
54Caman CHAPLIN Tri-City Relays of North Carol
55Benjamin BLACK Charlotte Heat Track Club
56Isiah JONES Rolesville LightningTrack Club
57Xavier MCCOY Ohio Heat Track Club
58Logan PUNO Hot Feet Track Club

61Davin DENNIS Delaware Elite Track Club
62Del JOHNSON Track Minnesota Elite
63Terrell SHEPPARD Young Achievers Sprint Club In
64Jason WOODSMSpartan Chosen VA
65Antwan HUGHES JR. Lights Out Track and Field
66Kylon MAGEE Unattached
67Shaddai CARTER South Dade Express Track Club
68Kydavian GREEN Eda Flyers Youth Track Team

71Logan FAIRCHILD Turbo Track Club
72Keyandre BRANDON Eagles Wings Track & Field Clu
73Tyi'Sean COSBY Dayton Wolverine Track Club
74Kamari JONES Tallahassee Zoom Track Club
75Josiah BROWN explosion track club
76Avian EDWARDS Power House Athletics Track &
77Ashton ALLEN Ohio Heat Track Club
78Gareth FORDE Rise n Fly TC

81Isaiah SHANNON Chicago Hounds and Foxes Track
82Nicholas GRIER VA Trailblazers
83Ryan WINGO St. Louis Express Track Club
84Luke EUBANKS Xpress Track Club
85Devan CRUMPTON Team Blaze
86Isaiah BIGHEM Tallahassee Zoom Track Club
87Aidan MCCLAFFERTY Dale City Lightning Track Club

91Jashon MCINTYRE technique Track Club
92Dwyne Jr SMITH Fitmecca Track
93Elijah KELLUM Severn Highsteppers Track Club
94Orlando THOMPSON Terrell Prime
95Amar WILLIAMS Impact Track
96Jeremiah BEASLEY Track Life University - Det. P
97Kemari BULLOCK New Wave Track Club

101Jamil THAMOS East St. Louis Greyhounds TC
102Jackson MURRY Tri-State Elite Track Club
103Donte HOWARDMFull Speed Athletics Inc.
104James LONG Fort Washington Knights
105Elijah CORNISH Tri-State Elite Track Club
106Jayvian GREENE Supreme Athletics Track Club
107Jonathan CARTER West Pembroke Pines optimist

111Taj JACKSON Leesville Track Club
112Torey WILLIAMS JR Austin Steelers Track Club
113Jayden HINES The Doors
114Jaekwon HOWARD My Brother's Keeper
115Devin WILLIAMS Jackrabbit Track & Running Clu
116Isaak EASLEY Denver Lightning Track Club
117Jay ESQUIVEL San Antonio Sprinters Elite

121Marcus CHILDS West Chester Track Club
122Monterio ELSTON Christian Competition Track Cl
123Brandon SUTTON Winston Salem Roadrunners
124Sawyer GUILLAUME Unattached
125Kory BOYD Team Quest
126Durian MOSS Down South Xtreme Sports and F
127Troy WELCH Knoxville Youth Athletics

131Dominic OLUGBODE Aurora Flyers
132Miles MISKEL Aurora Flyers
133Dakarai BRYANT Track Xplosion
134Tavares DUCKETT II Texas Rollas Track Club
135Caleb KELLY Toledo Elite Track Club
136Kenneth EVERETT Winslow Elite Track & Field
137Micahi DANZY Tallahassee Zoom Track Club

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