AAU Junior Olympic Games

Detroit, MI | July 29 - August 5, 2017

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Pent Boys 1500 Meter Run 13 years old (Finals)
Saturday Total Races: 2

NationalAyron Monroe - Upper Marlboro29757/31/2010

Start list: Pent Boys 1500 Meter Run 13 years old (Finals)

116632James BRENTProminent Athletes
126306Michael-Steven FRAZIEROhio Rockets TC
131770Giovaughni LACYCleveland Express Track Club (
149836Alfonzo JENNINGS JRWarriors Track & Field
159915Samuel WHITEWest Chester Track Club
163970Benjamin BLOMQVISTHill Country Comets Track Club
177479Keshon PARKERSt. Louis Blues Track Club
182141Darryl BYRDDale City Lightning Track Club
19600Dana BRISBONAurora Flyers
1101072Aveon GROSEBlessed To Run
1118092Zion DIXONThe Wings Track Club Inc.
1123889Tyler MARSHALLHigh Level Track Club
1135559Darius SHARIFMichigan Mustangs Track Club
1143152Ethan AGUDZI-ADDOFort Belvoir Sonic Boom Track
1151289Luke STENTOCalumet Region Striders

218183Jacob HANSENThunderboltz
222081Bryce DUDLEYD.C. Speed Track Club
235218Ryan TAYLORMarlboro Boys & Girls Club Tra
245760Fred GEORGE IIIMotor City Track Club
255660Maxwell DORANMississippi Valley T
269455Herbert QUARTERMAN IIIUnattached
279908Bryce COOPERWest Chester Track Club
283312Morgan LEWISFront Runners Track Club
296093Torin MOORE JR.Next Level Youth TC
2107963Donald LEETexas Thunder Track Club
21110033Jessie STRICKLANDWildwood Prep Track Club
212194Desi DAWKINSAbove Xpectations Track Club
2131895Gary MOORE JR.Connecticut Hawks Youth Track
214747Vaughn DEVAUGHN IIIBaltimore City Track & Field C
2154968Matthew JOINESLights Outs Track And Field Cl

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