AAU Junior Olympic Games

Detroit, MI | July 29 - August 5, 2017

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Boys 4x400 Meter Relay 12 years old (Prelims)
Wednesday Total Races: 4

NationalMiami Gardens Xpress TC - Miami Gardens3:44.308/5/2010

Start list: Boys 4x400 Meter Relay 12 years old (Prelims)

11Saca Youth TrackSAYT A
12East St Louis Greyhounds TCESLG A
13Bedford Sprint MastersBESM A
14Miami Gardens Xpress Track andMGXT B
15Miami Pal ChiefsMIPC A
16My Brother's Keeper Track ClubMBKT A
17Cleveland Express Track Club (CEAC A
18Herbert HooverHERB A

21Eagles Wings Track & Field CluEWTC A
22Flippen Flyers Track ClubFFTC A
23North Texas JackrabbitsNOTJ A
24San Antonio Heat Track ClubSAHT A
25Goulds Wildcats Track ClubGWAA A
26Big Lake Track ClubBLTC A
27Maple Heights Stallion Youth TMHSY A
28Port City S-P-E-E-DPOCS A

32Florida East Coast SupersonicsFECS A
33Motor City Track ClubMCAC A
34Sonics Youth Track ClubSYTC A
35H-Town Track ClubHTTC A
36Ohio HeatOHHE A
37Golden EliteGOEL A
38Lights Outs Track And Field ClLOTA A

41Xtreme Force Track ClubXFTC A
42Full Speed Athletics Inc.FSAI A
43Legion of ZoomLZTC A
44Indiana Storm Track ClubISTC A
45Mercury Track and Field ClubMTAF A
46Miami Gardens Xpress Track andMGXT A
47Cleveland Mustangs Track & FieCMTF A
48Ultimate Speed AcademyULSA A

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