AAU Junior Olympic Games

Detroit, MI | July 29 - August 5, 2017

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Girls 4x400 Meter Relay 10 years old (Prelims)
Wednesday 4:15 PMTotal Races: 4

NationalWillingboro TC - Willingboro4:20.872001

Start list: Girls 4x400 Meter Relay 10 years old (Prelims)

11Mark Trail Flying EaglesMTFE A
12Rutherford County Track And FiRCTA A
13Willingboro Track ClubWITC A
14Full Speed Athletics Inc.FSAI A
15Mallery ChallengersMACH A
16Goulds Wildcats Track ClubGWAA A
17Lake Erie SpeedLAES A
18Eagles Wings Track & Field CluEWTC A

21Morris Estate Track ClubMEAC A
22Track XplosionTRXP A
23The Wings Track Club Inc.WTCI A
24Virginia Elite Track ClubVETC A
25Sbr Jags Track and FieldSJTA A
26New York NovasNEYN A
28St. Louis Blues Track ClubSLBT A

31Legion of ZoomLZTC A
32Chester CheetahsCHCH A
33Steel City ExpressSTCE A
34Sonics Youth Track ClubSYTC A
35Cedar Hill Blaze Track ClubCHBT A
36Georgia Favor Track Club of CoPFGF A
37Michigan Mustangs Track ClubMMAC A
38New Era Track ClubNEAB A

41Dayton Wolverine Track ClubDWTC A
42Maple Heights Stallion Youth TMHSY A
43V02max Track ClubVTCI A
44BeastMode Hardin County KentucBHCK A
45Five Star General AthleticsFSGA A
46Jets Track & Field ClubJTFC A
47The Wings Track Club Inc.WTCI B

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