AAU Junior Olympic Games

Detroit, MI | July 29 - August 5, 2017

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Girls 4x100 Meter Relay 12 years old (Prelims)
Friday Total Races: 7

NationalTexas Heat - Dallas49.001996

Start list: Girls 4x100 Meter Relay 12 years old (Prelims)

11White Plains Future StarsWPFS A
12Memphis Jets Track ClubMJTC A
13Dallas Blaze Track ClubDBTC A
14Eastend Lightning Track & FielEALT A
15Greenville JetsGRJE A
16Indiana Storm Track ClubISTC A
17New York NovasNEYN A
18San Antonio BlazersSAAB A

215 North5NOR A
22Michigan Mustangs Track ClubMMAC A
23Eye Catchers TrackECTC A
24Mobettah Track ClubMOTC A
25I5 EliteI5EL A
26west pembroke pines optimist tWPPO A
27Bedford Sprint MastersBESM A
28Central Texas Cruisers Track CCTCT A

31Team Elite Track ClubTEAC A
32Illinois LightningILTC A
33Feet on FireFEOF A
34Westside Baptist ChurchWEBC A
35Track Life University (DetroitTRLP A
36Virginia Elite Track ClubVETC A
37Mississippi RoadrunnersMIRR B
38Track XplosionTRXP A

41Lake Erie SpeedLAES A
42East St Louis Community AthletESLC A
43St. Louis Blues Track ClubSLBT A
4410 East10EA A
45Cleveland Mustangs Track & FieCMTF A
46Georgia Stars Track ClubGSTC A
47Omega Track ClubOMAC A
48Brown Track TeamBRTT A

51East St Louis Community AthletESLC B
52Delaware Elite Track ClubDETC B
53New Era Track ClubNEAB A
54Cedar Hill Blaze Track ClubCHBT A
55Fort Worth OutlawsITWO A
56Mississippi RoadrunnersMIRR A
57Greater Norristown Pal Track CGNPT A
58University of Chicago TCCHIC A

61Miami Valley Track ClubMVAC A
62Conshohocken Electric Force TrCEFT A
63Owings Mills Track ClubOMTC A
64Delaware Elite Track ClubDETC A
65Baltimore City Track & Field CBCTF A
66Sonics Youth Track ClubSYTC A
67Wings of Glory Spartans TrackWOSP A
68Jersey City Rec PanthersJCRP A

72Bond Hill Flyers Track ClubBHFT A
73North Texas JackrabbitsNOTJ A
74No Limits Track ClubNLAA A
75San Antonio Heat Track ClubSAHT A
76Pleasant Grove BroncosPLGB A
77Columbus Parker Track ClubCPTC A
78Sonics Youth Track ClubSYTC B

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