AAU Junior Olympic Games

Detroit, MI | July 29 - August 5, 2017

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Girls 4x100 Meter Relay 8-under (Prelims)
Friday 11:00 AMTotal Races: 6

NationalTrack Houston Youth TC - Houston59.968/6/2011

Start list: Girls 4x100 Meter Relay 8-under (Prelims)

12New Life GlidersNELG A
13Virginia Elite Track ClubVETC A
14Ultimate Speed AcademyULSA A
15Motor City Track ClubMCAC A
16Dallas Blaze Track ClubDBTC A
17Bronx Tigers International TraBTIT A

22Track Life University (DetroitTRLP A
23Pleasant Grove BroncosPLGB A
24Twin City Track ClubTCTC A
25Strongarm Elite Track ClubSAET A
26Lights Outs Track And Field ClLOTA A
27Charles County Elite Track & FCCET A
28Michigan Mustangs Track ClubMMAC A

32V02max Track ClubVTCI A
34Cedar Hill Blaze Track ClubCHBT A
35Press Park Track ClubPPTC A
36Fasst Track and Field ClubFTAF A
37Texas Thunder Track ClubTTTC A
38High Level Track ClubLEAC A

42Dale City Lightning Track ClubDCLT A
43Twin City Track ClubTCTC B
44Fort Worth OutlawsITWO A
45St. Louis Blues Track ClubSLBT A
46Desoto Swift Track ClubDSAB A
47Cleveland Mustangs Track & FieCMTF A
48Fort Worth OutlawsITWO B

52Bond Hill Flyers Track ClubBHFT A
53Team BlazeTEBL A
54Dallas Elite Track Club Inc.DEAC A
55City of PahokeeCIPA A
56New Era Track ClubNEAB A
57All About Speed Track ClubAAST A
58Greater Norristown Pal Track CGNPT A

61Maple Heights Stallion Youth TMHSY A
62Austin Honey BadgersAUHB A
63Baltimore City Track & Field CBCTF A
64H-Town Track ClubHTTC A
65The Wings Track Club IncWTCI A
66Xtreme Force Track ClubXFTC A
67PowerstrokePOWE A
68D.C. Speed Track ClubDSAA A

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