AAU Junior Olympic Games

Detroit, MI | July 29 - August 5, 2017

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Boys Javelin Throw 600 g 13 years old (Finals)
Tuesday 12:00 PMTotal Flights:

NationalJack Caudle - Atchison147-118/4/2015

Start list: Boys Javelin Throw 600 g 13 years old (Finals)

116486Immanuel WALKERPhoenix Gliders
1270Xavier WOOLFOLK2nd To None Track And Field Cl
13296Yeshua HARDYAll Heart TC
146762Emmanuel DANFORTHQuick Lightning Track Club
158598Jeriah ROLLINSTrojan Athletics
167338Zarell HUDSONSpeed Legion
174834Cristion DAVISLeander Spartans Track Club
189243Kelby CROTTYUnattached
193571Maverick MATTAIRGolden Elite
11010060Christopher JOHNSONWillingboro Track Club
1115459Maurice GOOSBYMiami Gardens Xpress Track and
1124980Kaleb SMITHLights Outs Track And Field Cl
1138731Tyree BEASLEYUltimate Speed Academy
11410253Darrien SMITHXtreme Force Track Club
115272Raine BALSHAWAll American Throwers
1162523Kelser MACKEagles Wings Track & Field Clu
1178597Jahleel ROLLINSTrojan Athletics
1185881Isaiah FISHERMvp Track and Field Club
1191873Dedriyon WRIGHTColumbus Parker Track Club
1207997William SPIRESThe Force Track and Field

21769Desmond MORRISBaltimore City Track & Field C
226342Mahari CAMPBELLOn Your Mark Sports Racing
239800Dashuan LONGVision Elite
244732Eli ETHERTONKnoxville Youth Athletics
251320Samir WILKERSONCapitol Area Forerunners
263055Ssuuna MCKITTYFlippen Flyers Track Club
275843John SEARLESMt. Airy Track Club
288551Javon LAWRENCETrial By Fire Youth Track & Fi
298543Chane BROWNTrial By Fire Youth Track & Fi
210932Joshua CARTERBergen County Xpress
2113543Brett CLEVENGERGirard Warriors Track Club
2125223Ryan STANZIALEMarlton Track Club
2134244Kai CONNORIndiana Elite
2145063Emmanuel LOPEZLouisville Track Club
215890Ayden BANKSTONBedford Sprint Masters
2164835James HILLLeander Spartans Track Club
2178339Darnell HALLTrack Life University (Detroit
2184414Alexander MCKANEIowa Speed Track and Field Clu
2198180Trevaun ALLENThunderboltz
2208353Melik WILLIAMSTrack Life University (Detroit
2216072Zephaniah MALLOYNext Level Athletics

313086Chance TRESSLERFlorida East Coast Supersonics
329494Andrew SIMMONSUnattached
331774Gregory PERRYMANCleveland Express Track Club (
342206Christopher BROWNDanville Windrunners
353970Benjamin BLOMQVISTHill Country Comets Track Club
3610074Zane MASSEY IIWindbreakers Track and Field C
377147Elijah HOUGHTONSevern Highsteppers Track Club
38891Marvin BELL JRBedford Sprint Masters
393834Benjamin DALYHaverhill Elite Track Club
3108274Rene FLORES JRTrack Houston Youth Track Club
3111445Roderick HORTONCentral Florida Gliders
3129490Jesse SHELTONUnattached
3138666Corbin GANNUltimate Performance Flames
314280Izak STANDLEYAll American Throwers
3157367Nicholas BOHANONSt Johns Striders
3164824Isaiah STEPHENSLazers Track Club
3172978Latravious RANSOMFlash Elite Track Club
3189267Ethan ECKERUnattached
3191895Gary MOORE JR.Connecticut Hawks Youth Track
3204506Henry MARTINJohnson County Comets
3218753Julian JUSZCZYKUltimate Speed Academy

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