AAU Junior Olympic Games

Detroit, MI | July 29 - August 5, 2017

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Boys Discus Throw 1.0 kg 13 years old (Finals)
Monday 8:00 AMTotal Flights:

NationalReece Goddard - Frontenac167-048/4/2012

Start list: Boys Discus Throw 1.0 kg 13 years old (Finals)
1.0 KG

112989Irving GARCIAFlash Running Group
128598Jeriah ROLLINSTrojan Athletics
135881Isaiah FISHERMvp Track and Field Club
141026Imani DOWDELLBlazers Track Club - Michigan
152598Lawrence DOSSEast St Louis Greyhounds TC
167447Richard AUSTINSt. Louis Blues Track Club
175223Ryan STANZIALEMarlton Track Club
183571Maverick MATTAIRGolden Elite
196486Immanuel WALKERPhoenix Gliders
1103084Lavoris RUTHFlorida East Coast Supersonics
1118274Rene FLORES JRTrack Houston Youth Track Club
1125843John SEARLESMt. Airy Track Club
1134980Kaleb SMITHLights Outs Track And Field Cl
1142440Kamran DAMICKDulles South Track Club
1156949Joel DOANRunning Tigers Track Club
1168597Jahleel ROLLINSTrojan Athletics
1171653Micah BRADLEYChristian Competition Track Cl
1184732Eli ETHERTONKnoxville Youth Athletics
1193543Brett CLEVENGERGirard Warriors Track Club
12010060Christopher JOHNSONWillingboro Track Club
1218551Javon LAWRENCETrial By Fire Youth Track & Fi
1229800Dashuan LONGVision Elite
1236072Zephaniah MALLOYNext Level Athletics

215370Jerry SANDSMercury Track and Field Club
226739Jayson LEWISPwc Panthers Track Club
239243Kelby CROTTYUnattached
241762Steven DAUGHTERYCleveland Express Track Club (
255459Maurice GOOSBYMiami Gardens Xpress Track and
261320Samir WILKERSONCapitol Area Forerunners
2710074Zane MASSEY IIWindbreakers Track and Field C
283299Jadon MORALESFrederick Striders
291110Deryon NEWSOMEBlue Thunder Track Club
2102912Quincy HAYNESFeet on Fire
2116762Emmanuel DANFORTHQuick Lightning Track Club
2121883Ben FRESOLIConcord Rockets
2133086Chance TRESSLERFlorida East Coast Supersonics
2141072Aveon GROSEBlessed To Run
2159490Jesse SHELTONUnattached
2169346Nicholas JOHNSONUnattached
2176578Ty WRIGHTPortage Trail Blazers
2184835James HILLLeander Spartans Track Club
219296Yeshua HARDYAll Heart TC
220932Joshua CARTERBergen County Xpress
2218666Corbin GANNUltimate Performance Flames
2228115Nya MACKThe Wings Track Club Inc.

31276Donovan JACOBAll American Throwers
32280Izak STANDLEYAll American Throwers
334834Cristion DAVISLeander Spartans Track Club
347367Nicholas BOHANONSt Johns Striders
356342Mahari CAMPBELLOn Your Mark Sports Racing
367840Owen ENGLISHTeam Illinois Usa
379174Joel ALLENUnattached
389253Akinwale DAREUnattached
399269Zachary EITINGUnattached
3101122Me'Khi WILLIAMSBlue Thunder Track Club
3118543Chane BROWNTrial By Fire Youth Track & Fi
312513Carl BIDDINGSAthletes Lives Network Sports
3134824Isaiah STEPHENSLazers Track Club
3147457Kendall GUNNSt. Louis Blues Track Club
3159240Cam CORHENUnattached
316937Daye KARIBI-WHYTEBergen County Xpress
3179565Reilly WORTHINGTONUnattached
3185063Emmanuel LOPEZLouisville Track Club
3198585Caden LAFLEURTri-State Track and Field
3201499Kevin ADAMS IICentral Texas Elite Track Club
3219480Ethan SANDERSUnattached
3227477Larry MINNERJRSt. Louis Blues Track Club

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